With InsectFog you can “stop some other bandits” – effective fog that fights “beasts” in companies, warehouses, shops, homes, basements, greenhouses and other indoor environments.

About InsectFog

IncectFog is sprayed by the fog cannon so that the fog reaches all surfaces, corners, cracks and hidden places.

Thanks to the high content of Natural Pyrethrum, the product works by blocking the nervous system of insects quickly and effectively. Mineral oil (food type), used as a solvent, makes the Insect Mist particularly suitable for spraying, so that insecticide particles remain floating in the air for a long time.

We have a range of solutions that can be used stationary or mobile, call 50 55 19 40 for more information.

As something completely new, fog cannons can now also be used to fight insects in large and small rooms.

Fog is much more effective at penetrating impassable parts of your building than traditional spray systems and other known solutions.

With a long “hanging time” (the time when the fog is active), Insect Fog gives a significantly longer impact on the insects you want to eradicate.


InsectFog is a specially developed mist liquid for fighting insects. The fog hits all surfaces and enters all corners, nooks, crannies and hidden places in the rooms where there are problems with unwanted insects.

InsectFog is a ready-to-use insect repellent based on Natural Pyrethe, specially designed for disinfection of homes, hotels, nurseries, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, food industries, private homes, rural environments, stables, etc.

Neutral Pyrethe is very effective against all flying and crawling insects:
flies, mosquitoes, wasps, chamois, bearded vultures, cockroaches, ants, spiders, lice, fleas, mites, bedbugs, ticks, silverfish, etc.

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Gratis demonstration

Hvis du er interesseret i at opleve hvor effektiv DENSITY tågesikring er så send os dine kontaktoplysninger – vi hjælper gerne med projektering eller fortæller mere om vores ServicePartner koncept.

Free demonstration

If you are interested in experiencing how effective DENSITY fogsecurity is, send us your contact information – we are happy to help with your project or tell you more about our ServicePartner concept.

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