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Do you want to help make a difference?

GlobalFiscus is based on more than 30 years of employment with international management, sales and marketing, the last 10 years in the security industry. Our engineering and development department has been working with safety fog for more than 20 years, so we have a lot of experience that we are very happy to share with you, whether you are looking for the right solution to secure your company and your values, or you are employed in security industry and would like to expand your business with effective and professional solutions for your customers.


Thomas Stig Thøisen

Together, Thomas Stig Thøisen and Hjørleif Johansen have more than 30 years of experience in fog protection of values in all types of premises – now with a number of newly developed solutions…

GlobalFiscus is centrally located in Roskilde in the middle of the new creative, energetic and active district Musicon, where it is possible to experience safety fog up close.

Make a difference

For us, it’s pretty simple; we want to help make a difference. We are committed to doing well when we solve our tasks and do well for those we work with. We want to do it properly so that together we find some essential solutions that create value for all parties – and that’s it.


The products and solutions we offer help to secure you and your values, as an individual and a company.

We are fully convinced that by working together we can achieve goals that create value for all parties involved. The results we work to achieve should not be achieved in spite of or at the expense of anyone or anything, but by virtue of them and what we work with and for.

We will work with products, solutions and ideas that contribute to creating a safer everyday life in our workplace, in the public space and our private homes – it is our goal to provide solutions that contribute to increased safety for people and equipment in the Nordic region .

We keep you safe ...!


We work to ensure that you and your values are greater tomorrow than today.

It is our goal that we can all move safely and be sure that what we had yesterday, we also have tomorrow.

It is our plan to work for a future where it is a hassle for those who do not want the same….

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Gratis demonstration

Hvis du er interesseret i at opleve hvor effektiv DENSITY tågesikring er så send os dine kontaktoplysninger – vi hjælper gerne med projektering eller fortæller mere om vores ServicePartner koncept.

Free demonstration

If you are interested in experiencing how effective DENSITY fogsecurity is, send us your contact information – we are happy to help with your project or tell you more about our ServicePartner concept.

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