With PuriFog you can effectively disinfect your premises – PuriFog is an effective fog that disinfects premises in companies, warehouses, shops, homes, gyms, dental clinics, hair salons, waiting rooms, operating rooms and other indoor environments.

About PuriFog

PuriFog is atomized by the fog cannon so that the fog reaches all surfaces, corners, cracks and hidden places.

The fog cannon with Purifog Biotect AV liquid is fired and condenses in space. This will disinfect all horizontal and vertical surfaces. Purifog Biotect AV is a dry mist and safe to use in rooms where there are PCs, electronics, documents, clothes, furniture, etc. and leaves no visible residue.

We have a range of solutions that can be used stationary or mobile, call +45 50 55 19 40 for more information.

As something completely new, fog cannons can now also be used for disinfection of large and small rooms.

Fog is significantly more effective at penetrating impassable parts of your building than traditional spray systems and other known solutions.

With a long “hanging time” (the time when the fog is active) PuriFog gives a significantly longer impact on surfaces and the air in the room so the disinfection becomes further effective.


Our PuriFog AIR and PuriFog Biotect AV systems are specially designed to help clean and disinfect any professional environment.

The PuriFog AIR and PuriFog Biotect AV systems are ideal for cleaning hospitals, medical clinics, offices, public transport, schools, nursing homes, gyms, theaters, cinemas, pharmacies, restaurants, dental clinics, retail stores, etc. PuriFog is designed to protect customers and staff.

As PuriFog is a mist (steam), it enters all corners and nooks where it disinfects all areas of your premises, the mist particles are up to 1700 times smaller than particles in traditional spray systems and hit all horizontal and vertical surfaces, door handles, light switches and everything the fog comes in contact with.

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Gratis demonstration

Hvis du er interesseret i at opleve hvor effektiv DENSITY tågesikring er så send os dine kontaktoplysninger – vi hjælper gerne med projektering eller fortæller mere om vores ServicePartner koncept.

Free demonstration

If you are interested in experiencing how effective DENSITY fogsecurity is, send us your contact information – we are happy to help with your project or tell you more about our ServicePartner concept.

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