Siren and Strobe lights

Fog protection is a very effective solution to prevent and minimize burglary losses. If you have extra large values, or you are at a very high risk of burglary, it is possible to complicate the “working conditions for the thief” further by combining the installation of fogcannon with one of our Siren and Strobe solutions.

About Sirens and Strobe lights

With INFERNO® and LED Stroboscope you can achieve even higher security against burglary.

INFERNO® is probably the most effective and “hysterical” siren on the market. With a very loud and annoying sound, INFERNO® creates a sound barrier that immediately scares the thief away…

Note: We can supply strobe light with LED, which is better, has longer durability, uses less energy and much more…

When you combine LED Strobe light and security fog, it becomes completely tumultuous for the thief to work in the secured room. The fast flashing light confuses the senses and increases the effect of the fog, making it impossible to orient oneself.

Confusing or removing the senses we usually orient ourselves with, makes it undeniably difficult and is a great inconvenience to those who may be staying in a secured room. But in this simple way we can ensure that your values remain your values…

Another advantage of sirens and strobe lights is that the surroundings can not avoid being made aware that “something is wrong”. This will increase the stress level of the burglar, who is thereby being chased away from the area.

Our products limit the active time of an uninvited guest to just a few seconds. He is stopped at the “doorstep” – and it protects you from losing sensitive information, goods or business opportunities.

Unlike traditional burglar alarms and video surveillance, which are passive solutions, fog protection, INFERNO and strobe lights are active and cost-effective solutions that prevent and stop burglary.

INFERNO® Intenso

INFERNO® Intenso

INFERNO® Intenso is the most widely used safety sound barrier. Intenso delivers an explosive sound, yet is visually discreet and provides good security in stores, warehouses, offices and production facilities…

INFERNO® can be easily connected and integrated with all alarm systems.

Smaller rooms? INFERNO® Micro is a smaller variant, and for outdoor facilities, our water-protected version INFERNO® Outdoor can solve the task.


INFERNO® Intenso

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