Product accessories

DENSITY ™ are very efficient and fast fog generators, which are specially developed to secure values and people against burglary and robbery.

As the only security solution against burglary and robbery, fog protection is an active solution that immediately scares unwanted people away from the crime scene.

Density Accessories

There are a number of accessories for the Density fog generators that contribute to the power of the fogcannons:

  • Fog fluid
  • Batteries
  • Nozzle extension
  • Demokit
  • LAN/IP card
  • WiFi antenna
  • Mounting bracket
  • 3-hole nozzles
  • ……

and then, of course, you have to regularly maintain the fog machines and change fog fluid and batteries to get the full and long-lasting effect of the fogsecurity.

With new innovative functions, activation of DENSITY can be adapted 100% to the given situation, regardless of whether you want traditional installation with burglar alarm, assault alarm or external activation from e.g. control center.

The purpose of installing DENSITY Security Fog Cannon is simply to actively prevent and deter burglary, robbery and vandalism – other solutions can only detect and document.

Please contact us to find the right solution for your premises, we have solutions regardless of whether you need to secure 10 or 10,000 m².


ActiveCloud is a free, revolutionary service and management platform, with ActiveCloud installed on the foggenerator it is possible to have full control over the installation.

With ActiveCloud it is possible to externally check that the fogcannons are always 100% functional at the same time it is possible to partially service the devices.

As something completely unique, it is possible to activate / fire the fog cannons from e.g. the control center or via an app.

When the fog cannon is equipped with WiFi Ethernet, it is possible with ActiveCloud to further integrated with CCTV/Video surveillance, with a very large preventive effect so that you achieve significantly less vandalism and fewer burglaries.

Contact us to hear more about how to get an even more efficient, flexible and economical fog installation in your company.

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Gratis demonstration

Hvis du er interesseret i at opleve hvor effektiv DENSITY tågesikring er så send os dine kontaktoplysninger – vi hjælper gerne med projektering eller fortæller mere om vores ServicePartner koncept.

Free demonstration

If you are interested in experiencing how effective DENSITY fogsecurity is, send us your contact information – we are happy to help with your project or tell you more about our ServicePartner concept.

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