DENSITY Fog cannons meet current standards

DENSITY Fog guns naturally meet the latest standard EN-50131-8:19

DENSITY The fog generators DENSITY 390, DENSITY 900, DENSITY 1500, DENSITY 2400 are of course certified according to the current standard for fogcannons EN 50131-8:19. The products are registered in F&P’s (Forsikring & Pensions) register Sikringsguiden, and meet all the strict requirements for an efficient fog generator – at the same time, our ServicePartnere has the opportunity to participate in courses online or “live” to ensure a professional and efficient installation. .

In the safety guide / supplement catalog, you can get an overview of some of the special rules and standards that apply to fog protection systems when designing, installing, servicing and maintaining a system and thus also what you as an end user should be aware of when investing in fog protection. .

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Gratis demonstration

Hvis du er interesseret i at opleve hvor effektiv DENSITY tågesikring er så send os dine kontaktoplysninger – vi hjælper gerne med projektering eller fortæller mere om vores ServicePartner koncept.

Free demonstration

If you are interested in experiencing how effective DENSITY fogsecurity is, send us your contact information – we are happy to help with your project or tell you more about our ServicePartner concept.

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